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12 Month Coaching Engagement

Areas of focus includes (but not limited to): client acquisition, marketing, branding, practice optimization, team dynamics, structure, roles and responsibilities, process, and procedures, running your practice like a business, and preparation for next generation including legacy planning.

Coaching takes place monthly for one hour. Advisors will review how they are implementing their plan (qualitative and quantitative); discuss issues, challenges, concerns, strategies on opportunities, pipeline management, client retention and management, marketing, branding, and anything else needed. Advisors have access to their coach 24X7 in between sessions for strategic discussions and further customizing/updating their plan. Salmon Academy guarantees a 24-hour e-mail or phone response.

Areas covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Develop, fine-tune, and maintain a sustainable, repeatable client acquisition-business development process
  • Create customized scripts for a variety of situations that feel comfortable and make it easy to get commitments such as: converting prospects to become clients, clients to do more and receive countless referrals
  • Comfortably and seamlessly transition personal relationships into professional conversations and covert these opportunities
  • Get COI'S to become better referrals sources
  • Optimize the power of Linked to get in front of exactly the persons you want to meet through people you know
  • Distinguishing yourself with a powerful It-Moment Pitch and Value Proposition that is memorable and stands out from the crowd
  • Presentation strategies for prospect meetings & client review that goes against the grain and delivers outcomes you want
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team member
  • Review and create job descriptions- roles and responsibilities for the team members to ensure people are in the right chair
  • Define Processes and provide sample business plans that includes: Vision and Mission, On Board, Relationship Management, Investment, Marketing and Business Development processes, Roles and Responsibilities, Org Chart and SWOT Analysis
  • Have systems, processes, structures, policies, and procedures defined
  • Instill discipline, and accountability into their practice
  • Prepared for the future growth of the practice and run it like a business
  • Change behavior and business style
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