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Sales-Business Development:

Prospecting in Unprecedented Times:
COVID has changed the landscape in the way Advisors are getting new clients. Cognitively they know this is a great time to be prospecting to get new clients, but the way they comfortably and seamlessly finesse conversations with clients to get referrals and new prospects will make all the difference. In this highly engaging, interactive program participants will know how to approach prospects, clients and properly stage, frame, and deliver the "ask" in a way that gets results with scripts that are time-tested, feel comfortable and make it easy to get commitments. They will be able to immediately be able to put effective tactics into place.

Optimize and Monetize Relationships to Bring in New Clients:
Financial Advisors will create a repeatable, sustainable, and scalable process with precise instructions they can implement immediately and improve new client acquisition results. They will learn how to build, optimize, utilize and leverage their personal and professional networks of contacts to gain access to referrals and centers-of-influence they couldn't on their own, make authentic connections through "warm introductions," and develop superior opportunities. In addition, they will learn how to comfortably and seamlessly transitioning personal relationships into professional conversations and covert these opportunities. They will receive time-tested scripts for a variety of situations that feel comfortable and make it easy to get commitments which will result in a steady flow of the exact type of referral opportunities they want.

SuperNetworking: How to Turn a Social Occasion (or any situation) into a Business Opportunity:
Do you ever wonder how some people are comfortable making new acquaintances and business contacts so easily? You will learn how to turn what could be a daunting task into an opportunity to meet more people, develop more opportunities, and maximize your time when attending any social function. You will learn how to create an objective and strategy for any function, craft an effective "It" Moment Pitch" for various situations, the dos and don'ts, and "break the ice" techniques.

SuperNetworking: Having an Effective "It Moment" Pitch-You Don't Get a 2nd Chance to Make a 1st Impression
This program will show you how to develop an effective "elevator pitch" for a variety of business and social situations. You will learn how to capture your target audience's attention within 30 seconds, make a favorable impression, and how to articulate what that person needs to know to engage them in conversation.

Practice Management

Running Your Practice Like a Business:
Advisors and teams will understand the reasons why it is in their best interest to change their approach, behavior and/or business style and prepare to make the necessary changes. We provide precise instructions and strategy for implementation, create an action plan for immediate implementation in the areas of: client service model, client service experience, book segmentation, dealing with team dynamics, right person-right chair, structure, brand, value propositions, It-Moment Pitch, vision and mission statement, and business plan and processes which includes: marketing, business development, on-boarding, investment and relationship management processes, roles & responsibilities including creating proper org charts and organizational structure. The results will be an improvement in efficiency and effectiveness, productivity, morale and ROA.

SuperNetworking: Winning the War for Talent:
This program shows complex, district and regional managers the best ways to identify and be introduced to the most talented Financial Advisors through warm introductions. This empowering course will show Managers not so much "what to do" but more importantly "how to" build, optimize, utilize, and leverage their personal and professional networks of contacts both internally and externally to gain access to talented individual contributing Financial Advisors or a successful teams from other organizations They will be taught a sustainable, concrete, systematic, step-by-step process that is swift, deliberate, effective and easy to follow. They will come away with time-tested scripts for speaking with contacts, clients, other professionals and referrals that improves the quality and volume of exactly the type of candidates they want through better and more qualified introductions. In addition, they will learn how to "smoke out" and convert qualified candidates into becoming their Advisors and set up benchmarks of critical success factors used to track progress and measure results.

SuperNetworking: Being Comfortable in any Setting:
This program will teach everyone how to easily make new acquaintances and business contacts inside and outside the organization. This 1-2 hour program was designed for Professionals who want to develop their networking skills to get more out of their social and business interactions.

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