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Sales-Business Development:
Optimizing and Monetizing Relationships to Bring in New Clients
SuperNetworking™: Access the Right People, Enhance Relationships, and Bring in Additional Revenues
SuperNetworking™: How to Turn a Social Occasion (or any situation) into a Business Opportunity
SuperNetworking™: Having An Effective "It Moment" Pitch: You Don't Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression
Optimizing Your Network: 5 Actionable Tactics to Bring in New Clients
Salmon Says: Getting Centers of Influence to Become Better Referrals Sources
Salmon Says: Purposeful Cold Calling To Bring in New Clients/Assets
Salmon Says: Leveraging and Monetizing the Power of Linked In

Practice Management:
Running Your Business in a Client Centric Fiduciary World
Changing the Business Model: Transforming to a Fee Based Practice
Leading the Modern Wealth Management Practice
SuperNetworking™: Winning the War for Talent
SuperNetworking™: Being Comfortable in Any Setting

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